Building to Gather, Grow, and Go

Project Update September 26th 2017:

We are now at the exciting stage of being ready to receive donations towards the Building to Gather, Grow, and Go campaign. This phase will run until the end of January 2018.

The bank details for the dedicated account are: 

IBAN: CH94 00767 000A 5404 7166 

Address: Rue du Centre 72, 1025 St Sulpice

If you would like to make a donation, but you know that you won’t have the money to physically give until after January 2018 (for example, you are expecting a bonus, or it takes time to free up the money), then please let Tom Rizzo know, by email, that that is the case. It would be very helpful for us to know when you would expect to be able to give the money, as this will enable us to keep track of where we are at. Tom’s email address is:

As we consider the way ahead, we think there are four possible outcomes for this project:

1. We obtain and renovate an existing church building;

2. We buy a plot of land and build a new building;

3. We buy an existing commercial/industrial building and convert it into a church;

4: We long-term lease an existing commercial/industrial building and convert it into a church.

We know that it would be much easier for us to give towards a project where the outcome is clear. However, our ability to respond to what’s on the market, or to negotiate with local authorities, requires us to know where we stand financially, and that is why we are taking the course we are.

It is our immense privilege to partner with God in seeing the good news of Jesus spread. All that we have is his, and he has given it to us to richly enjoy, to steward and to give generously. As we enter this new phase as a church family, may we share in God’s joy in giving, and grow in his generous likeness, so that in our gathering, growing and going, many others might experience the joy of God in Christ in their own lives. 

Our verse for this project is Psalm 67:4, ‘Let the nations be glad!’ May we be glad and generous in our giving so that many might come to know that same joy and gladness for themselves.

To read about the vision that we have for this project, click here.