Building to Gather, Grow, and Go

Project Update November 2019:

Westlake Lausanne is in the process of a campaign to raise sufficient funds for our own building. This arose from three factors: our sense of God’s calling, uncertainty regarding our current meeting place, and the practical difficulties of current space limitations. 

Regarding our calling, we believe that God has strategically placed us in Lausanne – a place where people come from around the world, many of them staying for a limited period of time before leaving for places all over the world.  Our situation allows us to have an impact for the Gospel far beyond the borders of Switzerland.  Building to Gather, Grow, and Go is both a statement of what we feel we are called to do and a facility in which to do it.

The uncertainty around our current meeting place arises from the fact that the Foyer des Pâquis - the venue that we rent on a weekly basis - has been handed over to the Commune of St-Sulpice, who intend to knock it down and rebuild it at some point. However, it is far from clear that the final building will be suitable for our needs.

Finally, we are experiencing significant constraints on space - in our main worship space, Sunday School and youth rooms. In fact, since we began this fund-raising campaign, our space is under more pressure than ever before... which is a wonderful problem to have!

Thanks to the generosity of many, our building fund now totals almost 1’180’000 CHF. While we have pursued a number of opportunities none have been successful to date. 

However, we now have the opportunity to purchase a piece of land and build a new venue a short distance from where we currently meet. To achieve this we need to raise additional funds in the order of 270’000 to 560’000 CHF.

We would ask you to prayerfully consider partnering with us in this exciting adventure, which will help us better serve those in Westlake, as well as those from around the world who pass through Switzerland.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Tom Rizzo, John Pollard or Martin Slack.

The bank details for the dedicated account are: 

IBAN: CH94 00767 000A 5404 7166 

Address: Rue du Centre 72, 1025 St Sulpice