Restarting Sunday Services

Our Sunday Morning Service have restarting. However, things will be somewhat different for the next few weeks.

To make sure you don't come to the wrong place, at the wrong time, please read the details below carefully!

We are meeting at the Cantine des Ages, Montricher through June and July. You can find a map here:

The service starts at 11am

We are asking anyone who wishes to come to pre-register.

For Sunday July 12th you can do that here:

In line with government guidelines, you can download our plan de protection here.

If you would like to come to the service, please read the details below carefully:

These guidelines are likely to evolve with time.

If you are unwell

If you show any of the signs of coronavirus we ask that you do not attend a service but follow current medical advice, stay at home and watch the service on livestream.

If you develop symptoms during a service it is best that you put on a mask if you have one and leave as soon as possible. If you do not have a mask, they will be available at the service.

If you are considered to be in an ‘at risk' group, the government does not stipulate that you have to stay away (and neither do we). However, if you do come, please carefully follow hygiene regulations. Rather than coming, it may be advisable to watch the service on livestream. We would also encourage you to make use of the resources available on line for staying well.


During the current period we will livestream these services. You can find the link here.

Social Distancing

While children and youth can mix freely among themselves as they would at school, we ask that they observe 2m distance from adults outside their families. This is clearly not possible with crèche aged children and we accept this.

For everyone else, we ask that whoever comes to a Sunday service keep 2m distance from everyone else. We understand that this may not always be possible, indeed the latest government guidelines accept this, but ask that it be observed as much as possible. Where it is not possible the government suggests that you consider wearing a mask.

In addition, where social distancing is not optimal we will keep a record of attendees to enable tracing should someone subsequently become unwell. 

Where possible we will mark the floor to facilitate social distancing.


Government COVID-19 posters will be displayed on entry and exit and we ask everyone who comes to a meeting to use hand sanitiser on entry and exit. Hand sanitiser will also be available for all children’s groups.

We do not require people to wear a face mask. However, we will make masks available at the entrance. If you intend to wear a mask, we would ask you to bring your own if you have one.

While current regulations remain in place we will not be offering coffee during or after the service. However, please feel free to bring your own!

We will also not be providing refreshments for the children. However, once again, don’t hesitate to bring your own.


The recent government guidelines allow churches to sing, provided the space is well ventilated and that social distancing is observed as much as possible. Given this we will sing in our services, provided the room can be properly ventiled to the outside by windows and doors being left open.


There may be ways in which we can take communion while paying attention to hygiene guidelines and, as things continue to settle, we may do this.

Offering Basket

We normally only pass the buckets on a missions Sunday. We will not be doing this until further notice. When we do have a missions presentation we will provide the means for people to give.

Attendance Register

We are aware of the sensitivities around recording attendance at religious meetings. There are issues of individual rights and the negative historical precedent in Europe and elsewhere. The government has asked churches to record who attends services to enable tracking should there be an outbreak. We will endeavour to do this, either by asking people to register beforehand (so we have some idea of numbers to expect) or to sign in on the day. However, for obvious reasons, we will not force people to sign in or send them away if they don’t. 

All such records will be held by the church and destroyed two weeks after each meeting.