Spiritual Care Ministry

Spiritual Care at Westlake Church Lausanne

The Spiritual Care Ministry provides a personal connection to come alongside people who are facing life's challenges. It provides a place to be heard; supported; and to receive biblically-based guidance for the purpose of pursuing healing, restoration, and living a life that is honouring to God.

How do I receive Spiritual Care?

If you’re interested in receiving care, or in having someone pray with you, please contact the Spiritual Care Ministry at Westlake to set up an initial appointment. There is no cost to receive Spiritual Care and it is not considered professional therapy.

Call 021 535 79 52 or email: pastoralcare@westlakelausanne.com

Who provides Spiritual Care at Westlake?

Caregivers are volunteer lay counselors who are members of the church. They are not licensed counselors and are not meant to replace professional therapy.  They have been approved by the church to provide care to the congregation and members of the community.

Why do people seek Spiritual Care?

People can seek spiritual care for a wide variety of challenges. Moving to a new country, ill health, anxiety, bereavement, family struggles, and relationship challenges are common reasons why a person may seek care.  However, no issue is too small or too big to reach out to the Spiritual Care Ministry.  Caregivers can also provide referrals for other forms of care, if needed.