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Sunday Service Video

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Sunday April 5th:
Doug has put together a worship set for us. You can find that here:
And below are Doug's comments:

Focusing on the theme of Christ as King, this first song is a classic praise song where, according to, 'Hosanna' means  "Joyful Aramaic exclamation of praise...originally an appeal for deliverance (Heb. hosia na, Please save Psalm 118:25 ), it came in liturgical usage to serve as an expression of joy and praise for deliverance granted or anticipated. When Jesus came to Jerusalem for his final presentation of himself to Israel, the expression came readily to the lips of the Passover crowds."

Hosanna (Praise is Rising) - Paul Baloche


These next two songs emphasize the fact that Christ is the creator of the universe. As beautiful as his creation is, it should never be mistaken as an object of our worship. Rather, creation itself recognizes and points to Christ as our king, worthy of our praise.

Creation's King - Graham Kendrick


Creation Sings - Stuart Townend 


A lovely song of praise, inviting us to open wide the gates of our hearts and let the King of glory enter.

Glory to the Lord our God - Robin Mark


A modern rendition of a classic hymn of praise centered on Christ's kingship (one of the most beautiful ever written).

Crown Him with Many Crowns - Norton Hall Band 


A relatively new song from the Gettys, in which we are invited to lift high the name of Jesus our King. our Lord and our Light.

Lift High the Name of Jesus - Keith & Kristyn Getty 


To close, a magnificent song using questions and answers to portray the majesty, wisdom, power and glory of our Lord, worthy of our worship (in case you still need more reasons :-) ). 

Behold our God - Sovereign Grace Music