I AM: Truth - Sunday August 9th, 2015

Someone has said that our culture is 'allergic to truth'. Is that right? We certainly have a love/hate relationship with the truth. We know it's vital, but it can hurt and chafe. So what are the implications for us if the Bible tells us that God is the God of Truth?

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I AM: Truth

We have a love-hate relationship with the truth. We know it’s vital for relationships, business and science, but we also know the truth can be painful. Today we look at another of God’s characteristics: he is the God of Truth.

He Speaks Truth Because He is Truth:

The Bible reveals God to be a speaking God – a God who communicates. But does it matter what he says? If what he says is true, then what he says should shape everything about us.

And the Bible tells us that every word of God is true. And his words are true because he is true – he never lies. Because of this, God is totally trustworthy. He always keeps his promises. This means we can build our lives on his word.

However God’s truthfulness is also very challenging.

The Trouble with Truth:

Firstly, God requires truthfulness of us. Those who are untruthful cannot be in his presence. But none of us can claim to be blameless when it comes to speaking the truth. Whether it is ‘white’ lies, or exaggeration, or untruthfulness, or flattery, none of us are blameless.

But why do we lie? For two major reasons: firstly, because of our insecurity we want to impress others. Secondly, we lie to escape the consequences of having done or not done something. We don’t trust God that he will work all things for our good.

Secondly, God’s truthfulness is challenging because there are times when what the Bible says is true and what we want to be true, are in conflict. And we want to be the ones who decide for ourselves what is right or wrong.

Thirdly, God’s truthfulness is challenging because we find ‘the deceitfulness of sin’ attractive.

The Word of Truth:

Jesus, the Word of God, was and is the truth. So, God’s truth is not an abstract concept, it’s Jesus. He was condemned on the basis of lies, and took our place. He climbed the hill and was excluded from God’s presence that we might enter it. The one who was truth died for us who are untruthful. When we know this, his truth can set us free.

It sets us free from the need to impress others by lying, because we know how much he loves us, and that he accepts us as we are. It sets us free from feeling we must manipulate circumstances by lying, because we know he will work everything for our good. So we can be people of integrity even when it costs us. It sets us free from thinking we need to decide for ourselves what is right and wrong: we know God has our best interests at heart. It sets us free from the deceitfulness of sin. Sin loses its shine, when we know God loves us more and is infinitely better than anything sin can offer.