Westlake Lausanne is led by a plurality of elders. Their primary purpose is the teaching, pastoring, guarding, leading, and caring of God's flock. 

elders23John Pollard | Elder

John is married to Hannah and they have two sons. John is English and Swiss (which is kind of useful). He is a civil engineer and works for the City of Lausanne... so you know who to blame for all the roadworks. 

Geert Hendriks |  Elder

Geert is married to Marielle and they have three daughters. His favourite colour is orange, and no one can pronounce his first name properly. Which means he must be Dutch. He is a consultant in sport and development.

Martin Slack | Pastor & Elder

Martin is married to Su and they have four daughters. He is British and has been the pastor of Westlake Lausanne since April 2008. Before this he was a medical doctor specialising in neonatal intensive care. So unless you weigh less than 500g you are better off asking Su for medical advice.

Tom Rizzo | Elder

Tom is married to Karen and they have a grown-up son and daughter and four grandchildren. Tom is American and Swiss and professor of Chemistry, having been Dean of Basic Science, at the EPFL. A man of his age should really stop playing basketball.

Christoph Jung | Elder

Christoph is married to Carla and they have two sons. Christoph is German, Carla is American. What a combination. Not only that, they both work for international football organisations. Could The Beautiful Game be in more, ahem, competent hands?

Jonathan Hadley | Elder

Jonathan is married to Klasien and they have 4 children. He works with aluminium and, being British, can pronounce it properly. Which is a good thing.

Olivier Waridel | Elder

Olivier is married to Renata and they have three children. He is Swiss with a hefty dose of Brazil, which might explain his incredible jazz skills.

Randall Zindler | Elder

Randall is married to Karin and they have 4 children. He's American and despite no longer being a young buck still chases after that puck.

Andrew Parris | Elder

Andrew is married to Regular and they have two sons. He is American with a Swiss mum. You don't have to be a former rocket scientist to be an elder, but Andrew is.

Pay careful attention to yourselves and to all the flock, in which the Holy Spirit has made you overseers, to care for the church of God, which he obtained with his own blood.  - Acts 20:28