Being close to the EPFL and University of Lausanne, Westlake attracts a number of professors, senior researchers, postdocs, and PhD students, who meet together monthly to discuss issues at the interface between their academic disciplines and the Christian Faith.

The goals of the group are:

  • To develop a “Christian mind”, benefitting from each other’s expertise in how the Gospel speaks into their academic discipline, and how their discipline influences their understanding of the Bible.
  • To engage the campus with the Gospel by helping each other prepare talks on issues of science and faith to student groups during mission week.
  • To provide support and mentoring of Christian academics at different stages of their career.
  • To provide a resource for the church, to help it understand how scientific issues influence one’s understanding of the Bible.

The group meets for lunch once per month on Sunday afternoons, rotating among different professors’ houses.

If you are a professor, senior researcher, postdoc, or PhD student, we would be pleased to have you join us.

Contact:  Tom Rizzo,