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Archives for November 2015

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The King in the Manger: Sunday 29th November 2015

The Christian faith is built on historical events: the life, death and resurrection of Jesus of Nazareth. When we read the accounts of his birth, a number of kings are involved; men like Caesar Augustus. But despite all these kings, we aren't one of them, though we often think we should be at the centre of every story! However, the one who is the true King appears the most...

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God's Will for Your Life (& how to get there): Sunday Nov 22nd

What is God's will for your life? And even if you knew it, how could you achieve it? As Paul finished his letter to the Thessalonians, we discover the answer to both of these... and how to hear God speaking to us as we go alone. You can download sermon summary notes in English here. Or you can read them below: God's Will, Word and Power for Your Life 1 Thessalonians 5...

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Venue Change Sunday 22nd November

Please note we will be in a new (for one week only) venue this Sunday (22nd Novemeber): 10.30am, Morning Service: Ibis Hotel, Crissier. You can find more details here. Becuase of our Students and Young Adults Retreat, there will be no evening service....

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"Learning to live together" Sunday 15th November 2015

It is sad but true that relationship breakdown, whether amongst celebrities, politicians or athletes, often seems to attract the media spotlight, and it is no different with the church. Rarely if ever, does news reporting feature something positive about the church - it seems that church in-fighting makes for much better news!In our verses for this week, the apostle Paul r...

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Venue Change: Sunday 15th November

Please note, this Sunday we will be meeting in a different venue from normal for both our services: Morning Service: Grande Salle du Motty, Place du Motty, Ecublens Evening Service: Temple d'Ecublens, Place du Motty, Ecublens Hope to see you there!...

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Awake and Sober: Sunday November 8th

Do you ever find yourself worrying about death, or about what happens after, or whether you are good enough to get into heaven? What if there were to be a day of reckoning, when God held us accountable for all we haev or have not done? How would you feel about that? The apostle Paul has a surprising answer to that. Such a day should hold no fear for you provided.... Prov...

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