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Archives for January 2019

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The things you delight in - Sunday January 27th

What is it that, if you have it, you feel great about life, but if you don't have it, you feel down or anxious? What is it that, when you have it, you're on a high, but if you don't, it's like you've crashed? And how does having that thing, or wanting that thing, cloud your judgment? This Sunday we'll look at an event in David's life that tells us what that was from him,...

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When life goes wrong - what do you do? - Sunday 20th January

Who do you respond when life goes wrong? If you're ambitious and you're blocked - what's behind the frustration you feel? Or if someone offends you, what's underlying your hurt? How can you respond with grace and poise when the rug is pulled from under your feet? In the life of David, and that of his son Absalom, we see the human heart laid bear... not least in times of ...

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Sex and Power - Sunday January 13th

Money, sex and power. Find a leader who has falled and one (or more) of those is likely to be lurking large in the background. Why? What is it about them that prepares the ground for a downfall? This Sunday we'll be returning to the life of David, and seeing how sex and power seemed to offer so much, and yet how, ultimately, the brought about the downfall of, not just on...

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In 2019, I will devote myself to....

New Year's resolutions are arguably the opposite of devotion. We say we're going to change our lives in someway, that we're going to take ourselves in hand and do this thing, and it lasts for... how long? Devotion, on the other hand, implies a consistent, unfaltering, attention to the thing we are devoted to. This Sunday we will look at something of which it was said tha...

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