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The Problem of (false) Prophets

There is no end to the people with an opinion on how you should live your life, or what really matters in life. The question is, whose opinions should you listen to? Things don't change, at least not much. In the days of Jeremiah the prophet there were plenty of voices on the religious landscape telling people the way to personal fulfillment. And Jeremiah has some great a...

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Being a King and the Problem of Justice

It would hardly be controversial to say that any civil society should seek to care for the poor and needy. Yet it seems so hard to achieve. Why is that? Jeremiah's interactions with a king some 2500 years ago give us a good idea why. Join us for our Morning Service, 10.30am, or our Evening Service at 6.30pm. Both will be at the Foyer Paroissial, St Sulpice....

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The Power of Shame - Sunday June 9th

It is not just in traditional honour and shame cultures that shame is a powerful weapon. It is in our own culture. Maybe increasingly so. But shame is not reserved for those times when you step out of line. You can know shame for what you have done or what others have done to you. If that's the case, what power is greater than shame? What can erase your shame, and free yo...

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