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Dealing with Doubts and a Judge Called Deborah - Oct 1st

At a crisis point in his life, John the Baptist doubted. At a crisis point in the life of Israel, Deborah didn't. Yet in both cases, God came through. What can we learn from these two people? In our Sunday Morning service we will continue looking at the Gospel of Matthew, 11:1-19 - Dealing With Your Doubts In our Sunday Evening service we will be looking at the Book of J...

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Christ: compelling, dividing, surprising - Sunday 24th September

Whether you are a Christian or not, the character of Jesus of Nazareth is compelling. But he is also divisive. That is no less true today than in his own day. So if you want to imitate his compassion and truth speaking in the world, how are you supposed to handle the negative responses you will get? In our Sunday Morning Service we will be looking at Matthew's Gospel, Mat...

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God's Rescue - Sunday 17th September

This Sunday we will begin two new series. In the Morning Service we will return to the Gospel of Matthew and see how Jesus' compassion for the world moves his followers out into the world: Proclamation, Pushback, Promise In the Evening Service we'll start looking at the book of Judges - and how, despite a people's repeated failures, God keeps coming back to rescue them: F...

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The Building God Does Care About: Go! - Sunday 10th September

Someone once said that the church is the only organisation that does not exist for its members. That's not quite true. As we have seen over the last few weeks, God's vision for his church - his people - is that we Gather, and that we Grow. But in some sense it is true. God's vision is also that we Go! This Sunday is our missions sunday and we will be considering what it ...

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Venue Changes- Sunday 3rd September

Please note, this Sunday (Sept 3rd) we are changing venues for both our Morning and Evening Services. Morning Service: 10.30am: Eglise Croix d'Ouchy, Lausanne Evening Service: 6:30pm: Temple d'Ecublens, Place du Motty, Ecublens You can find more details here....

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