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parable: noun - a simple story to illustrate a spiritual lesson

There are some stories that seep into a culture and shape it.The stories Jesus told have done just that. But more than shape a culture they can shape our lives. This Sunday we begin our new series: Summer Parables - the stories Jesus told. Join us on Sunday Morning at 10:30am or Sunday Evening, at 6:30pm ...

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Loving the world so much you want to change it - June 24th

If you love the world, why would you want to change it? If you love another person, why would you want to see them change? And how can you be an agent for such change - without giving up in the process? This week we finish our series in the apostle Paul's letter to the Colossians. Please join us at our Morning Service, 10:30am, or our Evening Service, 6:30pm....

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Of no earthly use? - Sunday June 3rd

'He's so heavenly minded he's of no earthly use'... so the saying goes. And yet the apostle Paul says that the answer to living a self-indulgent life is to 'set your mind on things above'. In other words, if you want to live a fruitful life, you need to live for something greater than yourself. But what is that 'something'? Join us this Sunday for our Morning Service at 1...

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