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Building and Battling: Nehemiah 4. Sunday March 29th

Why is it that when you make a decision to do what's right things seem to start getting harder? And what can you do about it? Well, Nehemiah 4 gives us some great insight, both into why we face opposition, how it comes, and how we can respond to it. You can download sermon summary notes in English hereand in French here. Or you can read them below: Building and Battling...

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Highly Effective Building: Nehemiah 2-3 - Sunday March 22nd

What personal characteristics are necessary for someone who wants to act on behalf of the vulnerable, the defenceless and for those who have lost their way? What might the character traits be of someone who cares about God's people and the honour of God's name? Nehemiah, who rebuilt the walls of Jerusalem, protecting her people, gives us a great example. You can download ...

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A City in Need: Sunday 15th March

How do you develop a heart for the city: for the poor and the needy and those whose lives are messed up by their own choices, without becoming proud or arrogant in the process? This week we start our new series in the remarkable book of Nehemiah - a man who went to a city in great need and transformed it. You can download sermon summary notes in English hereand in French...

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The Disease Religion Can't Cure: Sunday 8th March

We often think (and hope) that if we do something good or right it will rub off on us. But this Sunday we'll see that the prophet Haggai says that you can't catch holiness like that. You can't make yourself acceptable to God by doing religious things. Worse still unholiness is contagious. Which leaves us in a hole... You can download sermon summary notes in English herean...

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