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Wanting the Impossible - Sunday 28th October

David became Israel's greatest king. There was a time, however, when he realised he wasn't - that God was the ultimate king, not him. It was a moment that cost a man his life - a moment when David wanted God at the centre but discovered He was far too holy to have that. David discovered he wanted the impossible. But David also knew God was far too good not to have that. ...

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The Friendship of Jonathan - Sunday October 14th

In an age of the autonomous, unencumbered self, thin social media friendships, political tribalism, and ever present 'networking', how do we develop the deep friendships that we all need? The ancient and extraordinary friendship of David and Jonathan has much to teach us. Join us for our Morning Service at 10:30am, or our Evening Service at 6:30pm, at the Foyer Paroissia...

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The Jealousy of Saul - Sunday 7th October

David's slaying of the giant Goliath propelled him onto the national stage, and cemented his place in the affections of the nation. But it did more. It became the catalyst for something that would have a profound impact on the rest of David's life - the jealousy of King Saul. Jealousy can be an incredibly destructive emotion. So why do we get jealous? What are the alterna...

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