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Two Very Different Kings - but who needs one anyway? Sunday Nov 26th

Power corrupts... but why? And what power could work in our lives in a way that, rather than corrupt us, it transforms us? In our Morning Service we will continue looking at the Gospel of Matthew: 14:1-21: Two Kings and Two Feasts. In our Evening Service we will conclude our series in Judges: 19-21: Who Needs a King? ...

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Hidden Treasure and the Last Judgment

Jesus tells two parables about treasure hidden in a field and a pearl of great price, and then proceeds to talk of the final judgement. So what's the connection? In our Morning Service(10:30am) we will continue looking at Matthew's Gospel, chapter 13. In our Evening Service(6:30pm) we look at the Book of Judgeschapters 17-18: The King and Priest We Need. Both services w...

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The Problem of Evil and the Power of God

The problem of evil is something that can undermine the faith of many. And yet it's also a problem for those who don't believe. After all - why is evil a problem if there are no moral absolutes and no God? So, given that evil is a problem for believer and unbeliever alike, what does Jesus have to say about it? In our Morning Service(10:30am) we will continue looking at M...

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Change of Venues this Sunday: 5th November

This Sunday we will be meeting in different venues from normal: Morning Service, 10:30am: Eglise de la croix d'Ouchy,Avenue d'Ouchy 45, 1006 Lausanne. Evening Service: 6:30pm: Temple d'Ecublens, Place du Motty, 1024 Ecublens Whichever service you come to, you will be very welcome! ...

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