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Suffering - Sunday February 2nd

While, at times, it may seem that yours is the only life going belly-up, suffering is an (almost) universal reality. How can you face it? If you have a religious world-view and think you have to earn God's favour, what does that say about you if, instead of favour, you expereince suffering? Or, if you hold a secular world-view and think this life is all there is, you'll wa...

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Walking the Way of Grace - Sunday January 26th

A gravestone may try and sum up a person's life in one sentence. A eulogy in 10 minutes. When the time comes, what might be said about your life? And what to make of the intuition that one day you'll have to give an accounting for your life? How can you pass that final examination? The apostle paul's letter to the Galatians deals with just such issues, and we'll be lookin...

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What the Gospel Isn't - Sunday January 19th

If you're judged by your performance, your performance can become a slave driver, driving you on. The apostle Paul says the same is true of religion... and he was a very religious man - at least until he became a Christian. So what was it that set him free? Join us at ourMorning Service: 10.30am or at ourEvening Service: 6.30pm, both at the Foyer Paroissial, St Sulpice....

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One Gospel - Sunday January 12th

Which of the many voices you hear about how you should live your life, or pursue spirituality, or achieve the life that you want, should you listen to? How do you decide? If you want to know that you're ok with God, or you want to live life on a different plane and connect with the spiritual, how can you do that? And how, when there are so many choice out there, can you k...

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Ambition - Sunday January 5th

As you begin 2020, what are your ambitions for the year, the decade, ahead. Why do you want the things you want? What are you really dreaming of when you dream your dreams? What are you really aspiring for when you aspire to achieve some goal? Join us this Sunday as we consider how the gospel of Christ both up-ends and redeems our ambitions. Morning Service: 10:30am - No...

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