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The Mission

In a fractured world, the words of the prophet Isaiah, from thousands of years ago, speaking of a Servant who will bring justice, freedom and healing are startlingly relevant. Who is that Servant, how does he accomplish his mission and how can we be part of it? Join us this Sunday for our Missions Sunday - Morning Service, 10:30am, Evening Service 6:30pm....

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Prison and Prayer

When our issues or problems preoccupy us, God can seem distant, if present at all. Why is that? What is it about the way we respond to difficulties that can leave us feeling alone, or embittered, or both? How can we go through hard times and experience God in deep ways? This Sunday we're going to see how the prophet Jeremiah was invited by God to encounter him in ways tha...

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The Gospel and Physical Beauty

It's not hard to see that our culture has a problem with external appearance - we over-value it and put far too much weight on it. This doesn't liberate people, it crushes them. So why don't we just be less superficial? What is it about external appearance that exercises such a power of us? This Sunday we're going to see the dark side of external beauty, the mask of exter...

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