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The Temptation of Christ - Sunday 29th May

Why would a father tell his son he loves him and then lead him into a battlefield? In Matthew's gospel we are told that is what God does with Jesus. Why would he do that? Because everyone before and after him has fallen in the battlefield of temptation, and we need a Son who doesn't. You can download sermon summary notes in English hereand in French here. Or you can rea...

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The Mission of God - Sunday 22nd May

Have you ever found yourself repeatedly saying the same thing to someone? Why is that? The Bible repeatedly tells us there is only one God. Why does it do that? What are the implications of that if it true - for your life and for the world? This Sunday is our Missions Sunday. We'll be considering the ramifications of the Bible's claim that there is only one God. You can...

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The baptism of Jesus - Sunday 15th June 2016

We saw last week that John the Baptist has been busy preaching a message of repentance, and baptising people in the Jordan River. But in today's passage we see that one of the people lining up for baptism is Jesus... the Christ! Why? Why would Jesus need a baptism of repentance? What sin does Jesus need to repent of? You can continue reading the sermon summary notes in E...

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A Voice in the Wilderness - Sunday 8th May 2016

In an age when image and style are everything, can a man in a hair shirt, calling us to repent, have anything relevant to say? The answer is 'yes.' This Sunday we will be looking at the ministry, message and master of John the Baptist, a voice that still speaks. You can download sermon summary notes in English hereand in French here. Or you can read them below: A Voice...

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