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A Safe Space - Sunday 24th March

Have you ever put your trust in something that failed you? Have you sat on a chair that collapsed? Fallen into the arms of a friend, who dropped you? What if your personal safety depended on something that let you down? This Sunday we will see the prophet Jeremiah warn the people of Jerusalem that they are trusting in the wrong thing. And when they do, it's not just them...

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One Good Man - Sunday March 17th

Imagine a perfect world. What would that look like? What is it about the human heart that consistently undermines our attempts at creating that better world? The Bible talks of shalom - an all encompassing well-being in society. But how do you acheive that? In our Sunday services, we're looking at the prophet Jeremiah. The society of his day was broken. Yet Jeremiah pres...

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Coming Home... and Change of Venue! Sunday March 3rd

The prophet Jeremiah warned that ancient Judah would be destroyed because of her worship of idols. And she was. You might think that has nothing to do with us in the 21st Century - and yet we constantly look to things other than God to give us 'the good life', and those things we look to have this tendancy to consume us. The question then is, how can we be free of these t...

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