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Difficult Days - Sunday April 2nd

How can you fight oppression without becoming an oppressor? Or fight injustice, without yourself becoming injust? How can you speak truth to power without being compromised by power? In Daniel chapter 8, Daniel foresees that the people of God will face significant oppression from those in power in the years to come. But how can you withstand that kind of pressure and rema...

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What the Future Holds - Sunday 26th March

Inside each of us is a desire that justice should be done: we don't want the wicked to get away with it, and we want wrongs to be righted. However, atheism and scientific materialism have no answer to the issue of justice. They cannot give you any reason why something is morally right or wrong, or any hope that wrongs will be righted. But can the dream of Daniel, a 6th ce...

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Flattery, Fear and Faithfulness - Sunday March 19th

When the law is used against faith, or when society becomes intolerant to absolute truth claims, where should we put our hope for change? In political leaders, or elsewhere? In our Sunday morning service we will be looking at Daniel 6: Fear, Flattery and Faithfulness, as the law is used against Daniel. In our Evening Service we will be looking at Romans 6 - and the freed...

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Venue Changes Sunday 12th March

This Sunday - March 12th - both our Morning and Evening Services will be taking place in a new venue: L'eglise de la Croix D'Ouchy, Avenue d'Ouchy 45, 1006 Lausanne You can find more details here....

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Venue Changes Sunday 5th March

This week we will not be in our usual venue. Instead, the morning service will be meeting at the Novotel Hotel, 35 Route de Condemine, Bussigny. The Evening Service will be meeting at the Temple d'Ecublens, Place du Motty, Ecublens....

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The Return to Reason - Sunday March 5th

Taking pride - or finding significance - in your 'performance' is dangerous. For you and for others. The question is, how can you get out of a mindset that derives your sense of self-worth from what achieve? More than that, how can you get out of a mind-set that needs to see yourself as the centre of your universe? In the Morning Service we will continue looking at the Bo...

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